This gallery is currently under construction and pending further development is not adding anymore artists.

Participation in our gallery will be open to all artists, art organizations, galleries, and museums.

Your name, a photo of you or logo if desired as well as information will be on each home page of your site. We will also have full ecommerce services to help sell your work if desired.

We will feature several different plans.

  1. Standard Plan: 30 works of art - $300 full gallery (47’ x 76’) each piece scaled to 4’ in either direction.
  2. Basic Plan: 14 works of art - $150 smaller gallery (33’ x 33’ or 17.5’ x 47’) each piece scaled to 4’ in either direction.
  3. Custom Plan I: $30 per piece, each scaled to exact size of original with custom lighting and custom labels. Minimum 25 pieces – Maximum 75 pieces per gallery. - $750 - $2,250 per gallery (47’ x 76’)
  4. Custom Plan II: We can adjust gallery size, add any number of galleries, include movable walls, a variety of colors and textures, and special lighting to suit each client. Also available now are custom floor plans. Please contact us for details.

All art submitted must be in high quality digital format (minimum 600 x 800 pixels at 72dpi), cleanly cropped, and squared. If we need to adjust your submission an additional $10 per image worked on will be charged.

Please email your artwork and any information you would like us to place in the "About the Artist" area (or name of your organization, gallery, etc.). To pay by credit card please click here. If you would like to send us a check and/or a CD with your data please make out your check to Virtual Fine Art and send it to:

Virtual Fine Art
1520 Magnolia Ave.
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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